By choosing Design Works, your company will benefit from the high level of expertise and experience along with a significant financial savings. Review the cost benefits of freelance to full time employees and you'll see why outsourcing apparel design and product development projects is right for your company. 


Please review the following scenario for a better understanding:


Your company needs Spring and Fall product lines, composed of 120 total styles, for your men's and women's sportswear categories.  You have a production department in-house, but you don't have the staff to create a business plan for the line, garment designs, and a format to source the product with a factory.  



Full Time Employee Sample Staff           Salary + Benefits*

Sr Product Manager - Men's

Product Manager - Women's

Sr Apparel Designer - Women's

Apparel Designer - Men's

Technical Designer - Women's

Associate Technical Designer - Men's







Total $438,000

Design Works will complete the job for less than half the cost of full time employees. Services included are:

  • Trend and Color Presentation
  • Product Briefs, Line plans, and SKU Budgeting Research
  • Garment Design Presentation
  • Technical Illustrations
  • Technical Packages
  • Garment Approval Process

Additional Benefits from Design Works:

  • Substantial tax advantages
  • Greater experience: We have a wealth of experience over multiple projects and companies. To reach the same level of experience from an employee, would require many years of investment and training.
  • Increased stability: When an employee needs to take a break either through accident, illness, or family reasons; other employees have to try to pick up the slack. Design Works will provide uninterrupted service.
  • Professional attitude: Because we are unconnected to your company, we can easily maintain a professional detachment that employees find difficult to match. 
  • Greater flexibility: You won't experience any overtime costs, and we can commit more time during a project than an employee can due to our ability to take our down time between projects only.


*Salary and Benefits are based on an annual basis:


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