A thorough product development process means the difference between a well-fitted and functional garment that your customer will love, compared to one that may be returned due to improper fit or faulty details. Design Works provides technical sketches of each design in detail, so the factory isn’t guessing about exactly what you want. Then the technical sketches are put into specification packages. These packages include all your fabrics, trims, labeling, packaging, and fit requirements. This is critical in receiving accurate quality and pricing. It also provides a contract between you and a vendor detailing what is agreed upon.


The second part of Technical Design is the approval process. This state insures that every part of your garment is approved and signed off. This is essential to seeing what your garment will look like before it ships. If you need photo samples or sales samples. we'll make sure they are correct before production begins. 


Product Development Services:

  • Tech Packs
  • Fabric Specifications
  • Trim Specifications
  • Fit Specifications
  • Approval Process


Knowing how to fit a product means a well-fitted and functional garment that your customer will love.  Design Works has become an expert in fit and pattern manipulation to achieve the best quality garment.  We are well versed at setting up standardized fits through block patterns and specs based on the client’s needs.


Fit Services:

  • Fit Analysis
  • Pattern Manipulation
  • Grading
  • Size Charts
  • Grade Rules
  • Block Patterns