Design Works prides ourselves in designing highly creative unique product tailored to each company’s needs.   


We will put together entire collections based on your criteria including color, fabrication, and theme.  Additionally, we can provide individual designs for stand-alone pieces.  In either case, your designs will be presented in a storyboard fashion.  These are used internally to finalize a product line. 


Storyboards help to ensure all parties are comfortable with the direction of the design before proceeding with actual garments.


Apparel Design Services:

  • Storyboards
  • Visual Line Plans
  • Stylized Illustrations
  • Technical Sketches 
  • Color Palettes



Details are the difference between a successful product and all the others.  Whether you're looking for the perfect embellishment for an apparel item or a catalog to communicate the scope of your product line, graphic design is the vehicle that completes your project.


We offer graphic design services unmatched by the general graphic design world.  Design Works offers a customized modern trend based approach that will meet your specified criteria.  After our graphics are completed creatively, they are finished in a technical format that is ready to go to a screen printer, catalog printer, embroidery digitizer, etc.  This is a critical step, as you won't have to make additions and corrections to the artwork before sending it directly into production. 


Let us create a graphic design perfect for your apparel!


Graphic Design Services: 

  • Placement Graphics
  • Textile Design
  • Logo Design
  • Trim Design
  • Catalogs
  • Sales Promotionals