Design Works offers a complete fashion solution from concept to delivery.  We are a fully functioning apparel development department. Whether your company needs some extra assistance to meet those impending deadlines or your looking for a financially viable alternative to in-house employees, Design Works is your solution!




Hidi Fankhauser, Founder, Design Works 
Hidi Fankhauser launched Design Works to offer development services to brands in sportswear.  Hidi's strong background in apparel allows her team to support brands in building their creations from inception to production.  Design Works integrates 3D technology into their proven development process.  The addition of 3D positively effects reducing samples and timelines while improving communication with their production partners.  For Design Works, 3D is the best vehicle to make an impact on lead time and sustainability.
For downtime, Hidi enjoys cooking and sewing for fun.  With both of these, she most enjoys teaching these skills to her children.  She also loves to ski with the family as it is quickly becoming the family’s favorite sport.



Christl Schad, Shareholder, Design Works

Christl is a seasoned product developer at Design Works and has a love for bringing product concepts to life. She started off her career making and selling handmade clothing to local boutiques in the 90's and then decided to pursue a full-fledged career in the apparel industry. Starting off in design and moving

into product development and production, she has a strong background in technical design, materials development, and sourcing. Having worked in a variety of specialty apparel market segments, she enjoys helping brands succeed with their product visions.


In her downtime, she enjoys a myriad of hobbies including collecting vintage wares, live music, traveling, arts and crafts, camping, skiing, and skating.



Heidi Noggle, Technical Designer, Design Works

Heidi is a Technical Designer, with focus on fit consistency, factory partnership, and bringing design intent to life.  She began her career working in a factory, learning industrial machines and manufacturing flow.  She then moved into Technical Design.  Her focus has included wovens, suiting, bottoms, denim, sweaters and knits in men's, women's, and children's.  She enjoys the experience with Design Works, allowing her to utilize her wide experience for our amazing clients.



Kyle Paus, Product Designer / Developer, Design Works

Kyle Paus is a product developer and designer at Design Works, where he specializes in 3D apparel and soft goods development. He was first introduced to 3D apparel development during his internship at Design Works. Kyle has worked with many products ranging from adult and youth apparel to soft goods such as bags. Kyle continues to grow his knowledge and skills in both 3D work, as well as traditional design and development.


Kyle is an avid F1, and Hockey fan and he loves to cook. He enjoys backpacking and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains no matter the weather. He is a maker at heart. Whether it was cardboard racetracks as a kid or furniture as an adult, he is always looking to make something. 


Sarah McDonell, Product Developer, Design Works


Sarah is a product developer at Design Works where she is sharpening her skills in fit and technical design.  She works in various categories including men's, women's and children's.  Sarah is a graduate from Colorado State University studying Apparel Design & Merchandising where she learned many of the basic assets needed to be a developer.  Sarah is continuing to evolve her skill set in all things technical including moving into the 3D world.
As a creative, Sarah is inspired by everything.  Specifically, she has a strong passion for art, fashion and interior design. She enjoys sewing, thrifting and live music in her free time as well as playing/watching hockey and exploring local eateries.

Kristina Trogden, Product/Textile Designer, Design Works


Kristina is from the South Bay Area of Santa Cruz, CA where she focused on extensive dance training in ballet and modern techniques.  She then trained at the Alvin Ailey School of Dance in New York, Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, and San Jose State University, eventually receiving a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in dance.


While working in the fitness and dance, she wanted to pursue other avenues which lead to her participation in the apparel program at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising earning her fashion degree.


Her first opportunity in the industry brought her to Colorado which set up roots for my family and me.  Since moving to Colorado she has had the opportunity to work in outdoor, bike, yoga, ski, and textile design.  With this experience, Kristina brings intense knowledge to our team.


Plus Additional Talent

We work with a broad group of additional individuals who provide expertise in specific areas when a more focused skillset is needed.


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